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Yogurt Health and Weight Loss Benefits

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Yes, Yogurt for your health with additional weight loss benefits! Sounds too good to be true? Nope. Not many of us are familiar of weight loss / fitness related drinks that are still healthy for the body. Some big words such as Whey Protein drink, Creatine, Syntha-6, L-Carnitine, etc. could easily scare away anyone who have no idea what these products can really do. Some would even assume that these products can do more harm than good in the long run. Of course, the professional body builders would have a different say regarding the possible cons. But for non-hardcore body builders or simply fitness enthusiast, like yours truly … I prefer to take the less complicated [safer] road.

cal-in + yogurt

I am not in any way a fitness professional, but I bet I’ll never go wrong eating healthy. One of my favorite go to in-between meal snack is Yogurt. Why? Because it contains vitamins, protein that boost power and energy as well as calcium that promotes healthy bones. Most brands including Cal-in+ yogurts contains healthy and good bacteria. Wondered what “live and active cultures” really means? Those are the good bacteria referred to as “Probiotics” that lives in our digestive tract and helps fight off intestinal infection. That pretty much sums up the difficult part. Simply put, Yogurt is definitely good for the body.

cal-in + yogurt

What about the Weight Loss Benefit? After a few trial and errors (from personal experience) I eventually got used to soothing my hunger and most cravings with yogurt. Thus results to less binging and over-eating. I have less cravings unlike when I didn’t have yogurt in my daily diet. Also, eating at least 18oz. a day will definitely help drop at least one pants size. Sounds impossible? I kid you not. Like I have said, you’ll feel fuller and will have less cravings compare to those who stick to strict diets. Crash diets only end up making us crave for food we have been avoiding and over indulge when we can no longer resist the cravings.

Personally, I am striving to live a healthier lifestyle. I am not in it just to loose weight, I am in it for the long run benefit. The way our generation eat up, I am not surprise a lot of us have digestive problem and have certain viruses that weren’t even around 50 years ago. That’s because the way we eat back leans on the healthier side. That is why I am so into healthy living and eating. I even introduced adding yogurt to my family and friend’s daily diet.

Yogurt: History & Nutrition

Do I have a specific brand I can recommend? Absolutely! Cal-in+ yogurts is my best pick for delivering 100% daily dose of Vitamin D as well as Calcium that my body needs. I can worry less whether or not I am receiving sufficient amount and have more time to focus on workout related movements. After all, I got the stronger bones covered, might as well work on my flexibility. Aging isn’t easy that is why I want to start taking care of myself from the inside and out.

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