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My name is Angela, born of a Filipino mother and Korean father who is living her dream in Sin City. I frequently fly and visit different countries and cities. To date I have been to California, Georgia, New York, Florida, South Carolina, the Philippines, South Korea, Africa, Holland, England, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, and Cabo, and will soon be traveling again. I love my life and everything that comes with it.

As a perk for being a blogger I do receive event and party invites for promotion or products for review. Rest assured, I always share my 100% honest opinion and will never accept payment or any form of incentive to review favorably. I take my blogging very seriously and would never want to mislead anyone in any way.

Here at KoreanDoll.net I share my perspective regarding Fashion, Beauty, Trends Shopping as well as Engagement, Weddings, Jewelry and so much more. All of my editorials are based solely from personal opinion and written in a professional tone. I am also the blogger of many other online publication …

AngelaRicardo.com – is my other “personal” lifestyle blog which I have founded prior to getting married (hence my unchanged last name). On this blog, my tone and writing approach is on a deeper personal level (including personal entries) such as inspirational outfit of the day looks, makeup tutorials, product reviews, DIY’s and so much more.

SassyWifestyle.com – is my family focused blog where I share my witty take into parenting, caring for kids, how I multitask and approach day to day task as well as the things that I find interesting and useful.

I own quite a big list of websites, and the above mentioned url’s are my main ones.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed your visit on this blog and if you have any question feel free to message me. Just remember, don’t judge me by what you just read or see, as it is just a fraction of what really makes me.


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