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Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

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It’s that time of the year again, and I am sure most of you have already indulged your way out of a few scrumptious meals. Truth be told, I am also bad at keeping track of my food intake, and often find myself binging. This year, for a change … I made sure to take a few steps to stay fit and healthy.

For those of use who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle and are pursuing the “healthy living” road, hearing the word “diet” is quite typical. Some people really can’t help but try all sorts of way to lose some weight or shed off some pounds. There are “good diet” to follow out there, but many of us find ourselves hooked with crash diets that really don’t work. Sure it does for a little while, only to end up in the same road later on. Personally, “diet” need not be difficult. Just eat right.

Old El Paso vegatarian recipes

Eating proper and healthy meal goes a long way. No need to restraint yourself from enjoying delicious cuisines. All of us are aware that veggies and fruits are the right way to go but most of us are afraid that these meals won’t be as good or filling. Wrong! For example, the great Old El Paso vegatarian recipes I have tried are absolutely delicious. I was quite surprised how good it turned out to be, especially it is a “vegetarian” cuisine. Then I followed it with diced up fruits for dessert. I swear, I did not feel deprived at all. Both have satisfied my salty and sweet cravings.

old el paso recipe

The key to eating right aside from eating healthier meals is the portions we take. Eat 5 meals a day in smaller portion. Not only does it boost your metabolism, your body is able to process your food a lot faster. When we eat heavy, fatty food you can already guess how hard our body works just to digest it all. Did any of you ever felt feeling too full? How about indigestion or heart burn? That’s our body telling us that what we ate is simply too much.

Sure, vegetarian cuisine doesn’t sound too appetizing, but if you do it right and cook it right you’d be surprise that it is a lot tastier than it sounds. I am a big fan of cooking and fitness shows. I am quite fond of a few well known chef’s such as Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, etc. They all have thought me that “spices” plays a big role to making your food tasty. So yes, you can say goodbye to your fear of eating healthy vegetarian meals. Check out the video below for a sample cuisine that you can prepare this Holiday season.

How to make Vegetarian Lasagna with Deb Acason and Curtis Stone

Just seeing a few samples of vegetarian cuisines (made by well known chef’s) made me realize I can definitely change my eating lifestyle. If you are up for it, how about trying one of those Old El Paso vegatarian recipes and serve it to one of your upcoming gathering. Then we can all stay fit and healthy this Holiday season.

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