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Traveling is my second life and there’s no denying that. I am in love with the idea of getting to know different culture, meet different people and get to try all sorts of delicacies and cuisines. Somehow I don’t know if I can just pin-point my passion to travel to my astrological ruler Mercury. Some people aren’t open to the idea of traveling, while some find a thrill to the chase. I know I do.

kalkan turkey travel

Sometime last month, I have expressed my desire to travel in Turkey. Since I haven’t gotten the chance to cross it off my bucket list, I have added yet another hot spot to see … Kalkan. No matter what, the sea will always have a special place in my heart. Aside from traveling, I am hooked to spending plenty of time by the sea. Most Kalkan property offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

kalkan turkey travel

Kalkan is located in the Lycian Coast, where tourists often visit for the scenic beaches. Aside from beach hopping and enjoying multiple water activities, there are lots of other places not to miss out on including Xanthos – Lycian’s antique city where you will find the Lycian pillar tombs and the ampitheatre.

Other Hot Spots to Visit in Kalkan

Tlos – one of the six main cities of Lycia and also known to be the most powerful and one of the oldest and largest colony. According to their history, two philanthropists were responsible for most of the buildings during 2nd century.

Sightseeing in Tlos:
Acropolis Hill
Tomb of Bellerophon
Market Hall

Patara – Lycia’s major trading port located in the outskirt of Xanthos river. About 10 minute walk from Patara’s major ruins is the 12 kilometer long Patara Beach which was voted to be one of the top beaches in world in 2005 by Times. Patara is also famous for being a part of St. Paul’s missionary work.

Sightseeing in Patara:
Possibly the oldest lighthouse in the world
Tepecik Acropolis and Necropolis
The Arch of Modestus
The Harbor Bath
The Vespasian Bath
The Central Bath
The Road Sign
The Main Avenue
Hadrian’ s Granary
Roman Ante Temple
Pseudoperipteral Temple-tomb
The Harbor Church

Letoon – known as the sacred sanctuary dedicated to the three deities of Lycia (Leto, Artemis and Apollo). Each deity has their own temples dedicated to them that were built around older temples.

Sightseeing in Letton:

Kalkan Turkey

Taking all these into consideration, I can’t help but fall even more in love with traveling. In a way, every place I have visited or traveled to have left a small fragment in my heart that I will forever cherish and treasure.

If you enjoy scenic and panoramic view, you’d definitely want to travel or purchase a property in Kalkan.

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