Choosing a Place to Stay in Barcelona

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Barcelona is an excellent Spanish destination for families and solo travelers alike. The architecture, beaches, and cuisine are all points of interest for people who visit the city. Travelers have several choices when deciding among Barcelona hotels. The following guide offers suggestions for vacationers who require assistance in determining where they should stay.

Barceloneta Barrio

A popular area for families, Barceloneta is located close to the beach and is the area in which the largest aquarium in Europe is located. Despite being located outside of the city, there are several bars, restaurants,and cafes to serve tourists. Furthermore, central Barceloneta is just one stop away on the metro, and the popular Las Ramblas area is a 15 minute walk. People who are looking for a beach getaway are able to relax on the sand all day as vendors pass by offering bikinis, food, massages, and more.

El Born Barrio

Located between Barceloneta and Via Lietana, El Born is also located near the beach and is just a 10 minute walk from Las Ramblas in the city’s center. Passeig de Born, a local street which dates back to the medieval period, is home to various cafes and bars, which are known for serving excellent mojitos. In this district, visitors will also find some of the best and also inexpensively priced pizza in the Barcelona area at just 1.50 Euros per slice.

Gothic Quarter

History buffs will love staying in the Gothic Quarter as it dates back to the days of Roman rule and still has some vestiges of that era. Neighborhood features include squares where visitors can relax in addition a large cathedral with a tranquil courtyard. The area also features excellent shopping venues and vibrant nightlife. The Gothic Quarter is located in the city center; therefore, many of the city’s attractions are within walking distance.

Las Ramblas

Barcelona’s most famous street, Las Ramblas is the main boulevard that pass through the city’s center. It is the most vibrant area and typically the first landmark tourists will come to know. In addition to dozens of restaurants, stores, and boutiques, the Wax Museum, Christopher Columbus Monument, and Modernist Boqueria Market are all located along Las Ramblas.

Choosing a neighborhood in which to stay in Barcelona will depend largely on the traveler’s vacation goals and personal preferences. From those who prefer relaxing next to the sea to those who would like to spend their days exploring the city, Barcelona has something for everyone.

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