The Best Cebu Nightlife

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Whether you want to sing your favourite songs at karaoke, dance until sunrise or relax in a cocktail bar with a Martini, you can find a way to do it in Cebu. Here’s an insider’s guide to the best of what’s on offer.

Where to stay
There’s a bunch of Cebu city hotels to choose from. Whether you’re on holiday or vacation, it’s a good idea to stay in a central location. That way, you’ll avoid having to travel long distances on public transport every day. Remember, too, that luxury accommodation is often much more affordable in Cebu than it might be at home, so do consider treating yourself to a five-star stay.

Drinking in style
Several bars offer impressive wine and cocktail menus in sophisticated surroundings. Vudu (Banilad Crossroads, Cebu City) is a favourite with international travellers, for its classy, jazz-infused vibe and elegant atmosphere. It’s definitely a place where you can turn up in your best dress and a pair of heels. Entrance is free, but you can expect to pay more for drinks than you might elsewhere.

The Best Cebu Nightlife

Another high-end option is Loft (IT park, Cebu City). With its dub step and techno soundtrack, it’s less mellow than Vudu, but comfort and style are nonetheless priorities. Exceptionally high security standards are maintained, so do expect to go through a check on your way in. If you need a bite to eat, you’ll discover several well-respected restaurants are in the area.

Casual bars
If you’re looking for something more low key – where the drinks are cheaper and you’ll feel totally comfortable in jeans, head to Pipeline. Offering a really down-to-earth atmosphere, a beer menu featuring several locally-brewed drops and entertainment in the form of pool tables, it’s a great place to relax with friends.

Do you do the best version of ‘I Will Always Love You’ since Whitney Houston? Do you swing harder than Frank Sinatra? Do you secretly fancy yourself as the next Beyonce? If you believe that Cebu really needs to hear you sing, you should head along to the Rainbow KTV karaoke bar. You’ll find it just in front of Pipeline. It’s something of a family affair, so feel free to take along your sisters, brothers, cousins and parents. The best part? Rainbow KTV open 24 hours a day, so you can belt out a tune whenever you feel the urge.

Last but not least, are you hoping to spend at least one night in Cebu dancing until your ears hurt and your feet are worn out? The city abounds with trashy nightclubs, where you can get down to pop from pretty much any decade, or spend the entire evening practising your Gangnam-style moves. It’s really a matter of finding the DJ to meet your tastes. Do take note, though, that some places are pretty sleazy, so avoid them if you’re not especially interested in hooking up.

One of the cleaner, safer options is the MO2 DiscoBar (North Reclamation Area). Not only is it home to a busy dance floor, it also boasts a restaurant, pool tables and a karaoke bar. So, there’s more or less something for everyone.

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