Pearl Jewelry – The Classic Look

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Pearls help capture a sense of class when completing an outfit. Jewelry is an important statement accessory that must be selected carefully to appease the atmosphere and tone of an event or occasion. Pearls make their own illusion, which adds to the mystery of visual color illusion possibilities with different types of and directions of light.

Variety of Sizes

The sizes of pearls vary greatly. Part of this is due to where the pearls were cultivated from. Size, location and type all play a factor in the value of pearls. Bigger pearls are not necessarily more valuable, the type of pearl is a primary factor in value.

Pear Size Averages

Freshwater pearls tend to average from 5mm to 9mm with the largest averaging 13mm. White and Golden South Sea pearls can reach up to 18mm in size. Akoya pearls are among the most vast in size variation, with a large range of 2mm to 10mm in size.

When making jewelry with pearls, matching sizes is a requirement for symmetry. Alternative and modern designs may include varying sizes and colors of pearls for dimension and visual effects.

Laguna Pearl

Types of Pearls

Four main categories of pearls exist. These types of pearls are named by their location of cultivation. Freshwater pearls are found in freshwater oysters.

Akoya pearls are considered to be the best known in the world. Smaller oysters tend to produce this type of pearl in the seas off of China and Japan.

Tahitian South Sea pearls have dark and exotic color profiles. This pearl is found only in Tahiti and some of the French Polynesian islands in Pinctada Margaritifera oysters.

White and Golden South Sea pearls are mostly found in the Philippines. Pinctada Maxima oysters produce these pearls and can only be found in deeper waters.

Color Spectrum

In different waters, pearls produce different colors. White is the most common color of pearl. When the sunlight hits a white, black or gold colored pearl reflections of blue, purple and green are often noticed. When the sunlight hits a pearl just right, you will notice flecks of orange and red too.

Pearls display a sophisticated sense of class. The varieties, colors and sizes of pearls make them ideal for multiple jewelry applications, some of which are demonstrated at, as a final accessory to an elegant outfit. Pearls are timeless and are a common jewelry item that is passed down from generation to generation in families around the world with extravagant stories to match their beauty.

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