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All year long we have holidays, birthdays and special occasions to celebrate. We even have a “just because” moment to pamper and spoil a loved one. Some of us keep it simple, while some prefer an opulent surprise. Whatever the case may be, LAGOS has you covered with their fine jewelry collection – throughout the whole year.

Gift giving isn’t rocket science – you give as a token of appreciation, or to honor someone. Yet there are many of us who can’t figure out what to do when it comes to special occasions. More often than not, we scramble and ponder because we don’t know what that special someone wants or need – or if they would even like or appreciate the gift. Seriously, choose a gift and be happy with it. It’s not about what that person wants; it’s the thought that counts. No matter what the gift may be, it should serve as a reminder that they are appreciated … and that’s more than enough. Still can’t make up your mind? Then go for the Gold Grandeur.

Lagos handcrafted jewelry collection

Lagos Covet Ruby Gemstone Gold Ring

Perfect for your Sister & Best friend(s) – my best friend had always been there for me through it all … the good, the bad & the ugly. From the typical days, to the soppy ones that always turns out to be a sleepless night, all the way up to those big Aha moments! The Covet Ruby Gemstone Gold Ring is the absolute-perfect gift to show my appreciation and to serve as a reminder that I am truly grateful to have her as my partner in crime. Well – not exactly in crime, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Lagos Covet Gold Stacking Ring

Perfect for your Mom – it’s simple, minimalist and effortless. This ring is ideal for stacking but can also be worn as is. My mom no longer wears jewelry as much as she used to back in the day. She says they’re just too heavy and bulky for her – making the the Covet Gold Stacking Ring the perfect gift for her. Not over the top, but more than enough to make a statement.

Lagos handcrafted jewelry collection

Lagos Caviar Gold Collection

For the mother-in-law’s, aunt, boss, or even a co-worker the LAGOS Caviar Gold Collection comes with a wide array to fit everyone’s preference as well as budget. To top it all, every purchase comes with signature LAGOS packaging that can vary between a classic gift box and a gift bag with a satin ribbon. They also offer returns & exchanges, care & cleaning, repairs as well as alterations.

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