Tips for Purchasing the Best Pearl Jewelry

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What woman doesn’t love fresh water pearl jewelry? Simple yet elegant, freshwater pearls are the ideal gifts for many occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, or even as a present to yourself. As with other items in nature that are used as jewelry, freshwater pearls vary in quality. National Pearl Jewelry understands this phenomenon and only buys high-grade pearls, thus providing customers with outstanding value for their money.

Freshwater pearls may be made into a variety of jewelry items, from earrings to bracelets to necklaces of several pearls or single or multiple strands. For a complete gift package, consider giving an entire set, combing pearl necklace strands with stud earring and a simple single strand bracelet. When placed in a lined box, these sets are the ideal romantic gift.

fresh water pearl jewelry

Pearl necklace strands come in a variety of types. Freshwater pearls are available in colors other than white, including pink, peach and multi-colored strands. Other choices for pearl strand necklaces include Japanese Akoya pearls and Tahitian, white and golden south sea pearls, ranging in colors from pure white to iridescent black.

Single pearls of all different types also make stunning pendants. Set in yellow or white gold or silver, pendants often come with diamond accents and can reflect a variety of themes.

Pearl studs are classic earrings and may be worn with any outfit. For a more elegant look, consider drop or dangling earrings. From simple wires to sophisticated settings with diamonds and intricate metalwork, pearl drop earrings are sure to make a statement.

Rings are another great option for pearls. Usually crafted with single, larger pearls, rings set with diamonds also make an elegant addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.

When purchasing pearls, look for those with the highest quality rating. Pearls are rated with designations of A, AA, AA+ and AAA, according to the percentage of blemishes on the pearl surface. AAA denotes the highest quality, with very minor to no surface blemishing and 95 percent of the surface clean.

Pearls that are crafted into jewelry range in size from 6 millimeters to 13 millimeters in diameter. Selecting pearl size is a matter of individual preference, although larger individuals often prefer pearls with bigger diameters. Look for pearl jewelry that comes with a certificate of authenticity that lists pearl size and grade.

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