Fashion Trends in Colored Diamond Rings

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One of the biggest fashion trends this year is colored diamond rings. Colored diamond rings come in every color imaginable, but some are more popular than others. Wearing a colored diamond ring allows you to show off your personality more than an uncolored diamond, plus it is still a classy, sophisticated piece of jewelry.

Canary Yellow Diamond

Canary Yellow Diamonds
Perhaps the biggest trend in rings this year is that of canary yellow diamonds. This trend was spurred by the hit song “We Found Love”. In part of the song, Rihanna sings, “Yellow diamonds in the light” and the song prompted many online searches about yellow diamonds as many of her fans had never heard of them.
Canary yellow diamonds are actually the rarest color of diamonds, and have been a favorite of celebrities for decades. Thank to Rihanna’s song, now more people than just celebrities and the social elite are interested in canary yellow diamonds. In fact, demand for these diamonds is now higher than it has ever been before.

Black Diamond

Black Diamonds
Black diamonds are a beautiful alternative to more traditional diamond rings. Naturally occurring black diamonds are found exclusively in Brazil and parts of Africa and are actually not naturally occurring on Earth. There have been no black diamonds found in traditional diamond mines over the past century; it is believed that black diamonds arrived on Earth as the result of a meteor crash.
There is still a lot of mystery, which explains the increase in popularity of black diamond rings, surrounding the formation of black diamonds, as they consist of lower levels of carbon than any other diamond. Black diamonds make for an elegant alternative to traditional colorless diamonds, and naturally blend well in jewelry pieces that also feature clear diamonds.

Other Popular Diamond Colors
The two other most popular diamond colors are light pink and sky blue. These feminine colors make for great rings that look good on anyone. Light pink and sky blue diamonds have never experienced the type of limelight that canary and black diamonds have, but they are consistently offered by jewelers. Both of these diamond colors have a small following, mostly among the wealthy and socially elite.

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