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London is second to my travel bucket list and despite visiting just once, one part of me will always have a place for each and every new city or country I have been to. My heart is made to travel. I do love Fashion and Beauty but I will always have a soft spot for traveling.

Somehow, I’d say the movie Harry Potter played a big role to wanting to visit and travel to London. First off, London has the Big Ben and the famous red telephone booths that look absolutely great on photos and movies. I must add however that traveling there can be quite costly. Planning ahead of time is absolutely a must and can’t just be a spontaneous trip out of the blue. With careful planning, it isn’t far fetch to find cheap London hotels and dining out can be as costly or affordable depending on where one would choose to eat at.

london big ben

When in London, make sure to check out The Big Ben – the big ben is another term for the clock tower of the palace of Westminster in London. Its beautiful Gothic architecture is very panoramic and is very popular to tourist and aspiring photographers.

london underground

Traveling around London is quite easy so make sure to try to use The Tube – it is the underground train system that had its name derived from its circular tube like passage.

london eye

To get a great glimpse of Westminster and take a beautiful panoramic shot, check out “London Eye” – the giant Ferris wheel in River Thames. The entire structure of the Ferris wheel is 135 meters tall with 120 meters in diameter / width.

tower bridge london

The tower bridge is an iconic symbol of London that had been named after the Tower of London. The bridge connects The Borough to the main city of London and crosses the River Thames. The tower bridge is often mistaken as the “London Bridge” and also has nothing to do with the song London Bridge is falling down.

london museum

Also, don’t forget to check out the Natural History Museum located in Cromwell Road – this museum exhibits a vast range of life and earth specimens consisting of 70 million items from its five main collections of botany, mineralogy, zoology, entomology and paleontology.

platform 9 3/4

There are so much more places to check out and visit in London. If you prefer to have more fun and have much regard to taking wacky photographs make sure to visit Harry Potter’s famous “Platform 9 ¾” located in London King’s Cross railway station. They also have a dedicated Harry Potter shop featuring different magic related items such as magic wands, broomstick, robes, uniform and other collectibles.

Traveling in London

Traveling and having fun does not necessarily need to be costly. Simply plan ahead of time, make sure to save up as well just to make sure you are well prepared on your trip and take note on the places you wish to check out and visit to save plenty of time running around. Maximize your stay in London by booking hotels ahead of time and to avail coupons or voucher for other possible expenses.

Have you ever been to London? If you have been to London, have you ever visited the Harry Potter tourist spot? Feel free to share in your experience!

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