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What is the Dutch Fashion Foundation?

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Dutch Fashion

Over the last few years, if you’ve been following fashion, you might have noticed that Holland is beginning to make its mark. Amsterdam in particular is really pushing to be one of Europe’s fashion capitals. And why not? It’s certainly seems to be a hub of creativity, drawing interest from the fashion press every season, thanks to labels such as Yaya clothing, Analik, Daryl van Wuow and Blue Blood.

These brands have helped to put Amsterdam on the map as growing centre of fashion, although the Dutch Fashion Foundation has helped to make this possible. The Dutch Fashion Foundation, also known as the DFF, is a hub of activity that controls a network of fashion designers, photographers and graphic artists. Focussing these people and resources, the DFF helps to raise the profile of Dutch fashion to the attention of the country, as well as on an international stage.

The formation of the DFF was in direct response to calls for an injection of growth and interest into Dutch fashion. So in 2000, the director and co-founder of the fashion master course at the Fashion Institute Arhhem, Angelique Westerhof created the Dutch Fashion Foundation. She had noticed that graduates from the prestigious institute were struggling to find their own platform within the industry. After bubbling away behind the scenes, the DFF was officially launched in 2003, providing an economic and cultural forum for Dutch designers and creatives to flourish.

Fashion in a tough economy

The DFF is also a non-profit organisation that drives any money it makes back into the business. It has the full backing of the country’s government too, with support from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. This has helped to give the foundation the push it needs to get the fashion industry in Holland up and running, and has provided something of a lifeline to the country’s economy.

Even in the wake of the paralysing crumbling of Holland’s government that has been covered in the news recently, the Dutch soldier on! Dutch Touch is an initiative to bring the work of designers to international markets, helping with PR, sales presentation and other areas. Dutch Touch showcases the work of fashion labels in the world’s fashion capitals, raising its profile since 2001.

Even in the wake of recessionary problems and political turmoil, the fashion industry rumbles forward, proving that the fashion industry is as important as its ever been. For the Netherlands, this is certainly true, and even with recent setbacks to the country, Amsterdam may still be one of the big hitters in the world of fashion.

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