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Creative Ways to Wear a Black Dress

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The black cocktail dress is a classic favorite with many women. Some little black dresses are short and fitted while others are knee-length and flowing. Either way, there are some new trends that are giving women creative ideas on how to make this classic dress standout from the crowd. Women are pairing this dress with an evening bag in a bright color such as hot pink or yellow. She may even wear shoes that coordinate with the colorful handbag. Discover some other aspects of this trend that are making the little black dress even more memorable.

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As a compliment to their little black dress, some women are getting a shawl to put around their shoulders. The shawl could be white to create a dramatic effect or the shawl may be in light pink or beige. If the black dress is a plain sheath, a woman may get a shawl with some extra detail work such as fringe or sequins. A shawl with that sort of detail draws a little more attention to the dress underneath it.

anja rubik vogue

A colorful sash is another item that many women are pairing with their little black dress. A long silk sash in bright red brings extra attention to a woman’s evening ensemble. If she doesn’t want to wear it around her neck, she can drape it over her shoulders. She can even tie it around her wrist as a sort of bracelet. An accessory like this brings a flash of color to this enduring ensemble.

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