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Make Skinny Jeans Look Amazing

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Skinny jeans are currently in style more than ever and shopping for them should be on top of your list for the spring and summer time. With their trendy pastel colors and timeless styling, skinny jeans will work for many figures of all different shapes and sizes. Read on to find out how to find the right type of skinny jeans for you.

Figure Out Your Size

In order to figure out your exact size so that skinny jeans will suit your figure, find a measuring tape to get the exact measurements. Next, measure around your bust line but if you already know your bra size you’re all set. The number, such as 36 is the measurement around your bust line. After figuring out your bust measurement, measure around your waist with the measuring tape. In particular measure around the smallest part of your waist to get the specific measurement. The last measurement is around your hips – measure around the widest part of your hipbones to get this. Write down all three of the measurements and keep them in mind as you hunt for skinny jeans.

Types of Skinny Jeans According to Size

  • Cone shape – You have a cone shape if your bust line is the largest and the numbers get smaller as you go down (i.e. bust, waist, hips in that order).
  • Pear shape – If your bustline has the smallest number and your hips are the widest on the list, you most likely have a pear shaped body.
  • Hourglass figure – If your bustline is very close to your hipbones measurement and your waist measurement is small, you have an hourglass figure.

Making Skinny Jeans Look Good

Now that you know your size, it’s time to find a great pair of skinny jeans! For a cone shape figure, find skinny jeans that will accentuate your curves and don’t be afraid of color. If you have a pear shape figure you should try dark skinny jeans and also wear an outfit that is proportionate to your body. An hourglass figure also works well with dark skinny jeans, but pairing it with a shirt that’s longer is flattering too. Now matter how you style the look, have fun while wearing skinny jeans and don’t be afraid to show off your look – a confident personality and skinny jeans equals fabulous!

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