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What’s in a Name Brand

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Whenever we make a purchase, we can’t deny the fact that name brands do affect our choices. It’s not just because of the packaging, hearsay / reviews / hypes, or the popularity of the brand, it is also because of quality! Honestly I have several things I want to buy because of the quality of a said “Name Brand”. Are you guilty too?

There are times when an expensive purchase is necessary over cheaper options. Why? Because quality and durability makes a lot of difference. Specially when it comes to makeup and skin care products that we religously use on a daily basis. I have nothing againts non-branded cosmetics, mind you my recent purchase of a gel-liner is not branded and bought off from Ebay. 

A lot of branded names does not only present Pricey price tags, but reliable results too. Like for example, a typical non-branded nail polish can easily chip-off and can have harsh chemicals added in it, while compared to brands like OPI, China Glaze, NYX, Sally Hansen and so on can guarantee better quality and long-lasting enamels. How about fragrances? We often find a lot of competitive scents that can be mistaken for top notch name brands but the effect of the scent can greatly differ.

So what do you think about name brand? Any products you have bought because of the name? Let me know! xox

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