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Recommended: Top 3 makeup remover

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Top 3 makeup remover that will not sting your eyes

Makeup is a part of my daily activity, specially when going out. So finding a perfect makeup remover is obviously a must. Except, on most cases all the makeup cleansers / removers I have tried had either left my skin irritated or feeling like it is stinged or burnt.

My girlfriend’s have been asking me if I have any brand I can recommend for them to use that can effectively remove everything even waterproof ones. So today I will be sharing the top 3 removers that I found to be most reliable to take all the makeup off, even waterproof mascara!

I know! You must be thinking, “Of course it will be a nominee, it is one expensive product!”. But believe me, it is very much worth every penny spent. The smell is  really good, no lingering scent, and not requiring too much to remove makeup completely. Which… guarantees a lot more usage than assumed. To top that, the product is perfect for users with sensitive eyes. Tried and tested by yours truly.

Choice #2: One-Step Facial Cleanser, Clarins
My Aunt received this product as a freebie and since she already has one of her own, she decided to pass it down so I can try it for myself. Product is just as competitive, and does not need much neither to remove makeup. The only thing that I am wary of is the scent of orange as I am not a big fan of citrus scent on my face. All else great find and gentle on the eyes.

Choice #3: Cleansing Biphasic Faces, Panvel
If you’re looking for an exemplary makeup remover that is just as gentle, but not as pricey as the big name brands go check out Panvel, pharmacy’s own line of cosmetics. It isn’t available just about anywhere but it can easily be bought online. This one is just as good but for less cost.
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