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Eyeliner Styles

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Shakespeare once said “Your face is a stage and every facial feature is a player.”<

Well, I suppose it’s not exactly like that. But, in a way he’s trying to point out that the eyes are windows to our soul and is known to be the captivating part of our face. Our eyes can be defined as soft, sultry, edgy, and dark—all made possible with different eyeliner application style. With each style, one can show off a different appeal, character, or personality.

Waterline: The waterline is the pale flesh lining under the lashes and closest to the eye. It can be characterized by the area of the eyelid with a flesh-color and moist membrane.

Ready for a change? Well, try out these pointers we got in store for you!

  • By lining the waterline with white eyeliner, the eyes looks wider and much livelier. Also it works great as a cover-up for the morning after a long sleepless night.
  • By lining the waterline with black eyeliner, the eyes appear sharp and focused. This to date is one of the most used styles in the eyes for Guru’s and makeup enthusiast.

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