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Two weeks from now I will be going on my much awaited vacation. One of the places I am looking forward to visit is Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay Florida. Last time I have visited was 11 years ago, back when I was 15. It’s about time that I visit back. For those of you who are following me on twitter and facebook, you’d know that I have started my 2 week challenge to watch out my food intake. I wanted to make sure I don’t gain that much weight during my vacation. I know how much I love to eat so I have to prepare some room in my tummy. I can’t promise not to pig out but I will try my best. For those of you who will also be going on a vacation or simply just watching your food intake read on for my plan breakdown…

Eating healthy while on vacation can be easy and fun, especially in Miami where the beach beckons and the sun is shining. Begin your trip prepared by taking some fresh snacks from home onto the plane. You will start your trip out right and you will avoid highly caloric airport food.

Once you arrive at your destination, be sure to watch your portion control, especially in Miami’s latest restaurants. Eating in moderation is key for maintaining a healthy body weight. Plus, you will not feel deprived because you will allow yourself to have a little taste of everything Miami has to offer.   When dining out, take advantage of customized service. Ask to put half of your meal in a doggie bag in advance, or ask for specific food preparation such as no butter on meats. By taking advantage of customized service, you can control the ingredients that go into your food and avoid any extra calories.

Remember to allow yourself one treat every day so that your morale stays high and so you feel like you are truly enjoying yourself.   Another way to continue to eat well while on vacation is to stay hydrated. It is easy to mistake hunger for thirst. Keep a water bottle on you during your adventures to keep hunger at bay.   Be sure to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast spikes your metabolism and helps to keep you satiated for longer periods of time. The longer you stay satiated, the less likely you will overeat.

Keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and if you imbibe in too many signature Miami Beach cocktails you might find yourself eating unhealthy foods. Be sure to walk everywhere. Miami is filled with fantastic sightseeing and walking tours. Walking will insure that you get exercise while seeing the local sights.

You might also find classic street food to try along the way. Fill up on fruits and vegetables. The water content in fruits and vegetables is high so you will stay satiated until the next meal. Plus, Miami is filled with local Farmer’s Markets so you are sure to find a diverse menu of the exotic fruits and vegetables you crave.

Last, keep a food diary while you are away. If you do, you will be able to track your meals and you will be able to better control your choices. Eating well is simple, easy, and fun. You might even end up being so happy and relaxed that you decide to stay.

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Hopefully y’all find this post informative and worth reading. For now I’ll be off to watch some more BBW and daydream of walking around in Miami with a nice purse on one shoulder with a cute pomeranian teacup puppy on a cute dogleash. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Til’ next, xox.

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    nice tips sis. 🙂 and happy trip in your upcoming vacation.. 😉


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