Relaxing Ambiance at The Rosen Plaza Hotel

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First and foremost of all, this is not an advertorial post. I am simply sharing my experience during my stay at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando Florida. It’s been ages since I have last been in Florida and it is quite refreshing to be back after 11-years. I do wish we could of stayed longer though so I could have revisited Walt Disney World, Tampa Bay and so on. Every chance I get to unwind in between my busy schedule, I would stay over by the pool side with a nice drink to keep me cool. The pool and jacuzzi area is my favorite spot of all from the hotel. Check it out…

Rosen Plaza HotelRosen Plaza HotelRosen Plaza HotelRosen Plaza HotelRosen Plaza HotelRosen Plaza HotelRosen Plaza Hotel
My schedule is really tight as we’ve been busy getting around, meeting his family and getting to know his relatives too. Boyf really wanted to make sure he gets to introduce me to his relatives aside from taking me out to enjoy our vacation. Of course we took the time to check out some shopping mall and as well as walmart. 🙂 My netbook is a pain for me as I have bad eyes and I have been borrowing boyf’s now for quite a while. Which delays my blogging when he is using his so I have been looking into getting a laptop replacement. Then of course I’ll just sell of my netbook. Lol.

Aside from the pool side of course, the Rosen Plaza offers great accomodation to their guest and makes sure that they are comfortable during their stay. I am not sure why some people said the wifi isn’t free but the whole time I have been connected to the wifi for free without even asking if they have a password. My phone just connected me right away. The bed is very fluffy and cozy and their restaurant have really good food!

So if ever you’re staying in Orlando don’t forget to check out the Rosen Plaza at 9700 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819 | (407) 996-9700 … hope y’all enjoyed this feature post. Til’ nxt! xox

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