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*Yawns* A Pleasant good evening to all of you and I hope that y’all had a good day too. My weekend get away surely had been amazing! Like I have shared yesterday I am currently taking some time off to relax and today I have watched the box office hit “The Hunger Games” and also “Safe House” which I both find good and worth the time. As a matter of fact I really enjoyed the Hunger Games so much I am actually leaning towards ordering the collection so I can read the book version.

The Hunger Games

Hunger Games Collection

Star-Crossed Lover

Hunger Games

While the Safe House movie is very action packed and I am the type who loves fast pace story with detailed plot. Movies that are narration style and involves a lot of talking bores me completely. As much as I love the book version of Sherlock Holmes, the movie is somewhat disappointing. It wasn’t just me who thought it was a bit slow, boyf feels the same way and that it can kick up a notch if there’s more action with essence.

After the movie marathon I got myself really stuffed in a buffet house with Sushi and other Japanese dishes. There’s also Lamb chops, Salmon, Egg roll and so much more. Obviously I ate like there’s no tomorrow like I always do on times like this. There’s so much to share but I am really exhausted as it is almost midnight so I guess I’ll share the rest in another day or over facebook and twitter. Before I let you all go here’s a few more snaps to check out…

Lovely Roses

Sky High

Spa Time

Sky High

Travelling Cinderella

Sky High

Sky High

Sky High

Totally had a great time and I can’t believe the weekend is already over. Oh well. For now I’ll be snoozing and getting my beauty sleep. Sweet dreams! Til’ next, xox.

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  1. Lhyzie

    April 3, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    I really liked the Hunger Games!

  2. Claire

    April 3, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    i love the hunger games. you should read all the books! 🙂 love your shots especially the roses <3

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