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What’s the Difference between BB, CC and DD Creams

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When one visits a beauty store like Tony Moly, Etude, Missha it is quite common for one to feel quite overwhelmed with all the choices that they have in store for their shoppers. These days, the alphabet beauty formulations — BB, CC and the incoming DD creams – are now the latest talk in town. These products are available and marketed as skin-perfecting beauty options. The question of most women is what do these creams really do? How do they differ from one another? And of course, the ever-plaguing question … what would be the best cream for their skin type.

bb, cc and dd creams

Well, here is my detailed yet concise take on this matter:

BB creams (Blemish or beauty balm)

This South Korean beauty innovation made this beauty balm a world wide craze. Purchasing one the best thing you’ve ever done for your skin. The best thing about BB cream is its anti-aging, blemish fighting formula that also help combat other skin issues.

Originally formulated in Germany (1960’s) for patients who underwent facial peels and surgery. Eventually it was introduced in South Korea and Japan in 1985, popularized as an over the counter all-in-one treatment just as potent as the original.

CC creams (Color Correcting)

From the name itself, CC creams are designed to address redness and improve uneven skin tone including correcting any skin discoloration. CC creams are much like BB creams in a way however they are generally a lot lighter in consistency and coverage. Definitely perfect for a minimal coverage or a “no makeup” look.

DD creams (Dynamic Do-All)

If BB Creams and CC Creams aren’t confusing enough … here comes the DD Cream that is supposedly a reformulated version of BB and CC Cream. This cream is set to Disguise and Diminish all skin concern along with an SPF control for a product that does it all. The best thing about this cream is that no skin tone matching is required as this will self adjust as it infuses with the skin.

bb cc and dd cream

So, what’s your take on the BB, CC and DD cream craze?

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