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Which Celeb Hair Extensions Are Best for You?

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Celebrities seem to have the most amazing hair. Many people falsely assume that they are simply born with it. Instead, celebs seek out the best hairstylists, use the right products, and they often use hair extensions. A few pieces of clip-in hair or a wig can do wonders to your hair. However, it is important to use the right extensions for you.

Colorful Extensions
Colorful hair is really on trend. Instead of coloring their actual hair, a lot of celebs add colorful clip-ins. This style works well if your hair is a little bit longer. This enables the vivid color of the extension to blend with your natural hair color. Most hair textures can pull off this style, but it might be a good idea to add some texture to your hair if it is fine.

Jamie Chung Red Dress

Wavy Hair
If you want those perfect waves you see celebrities with on the red carpet, then try adding them in with synthetic hair extensions. These are ideal if your hair is a little bit longer, and they also work a little bit better if you have thicker hair. If your hair is short, these extensions do not always blend as well. Fortunately, they are usually available in multiple lengths to meet your needs.

Short Bob
Extensions are not always about adding length to your hair. There are shorter styles like a bob that you can wear that will add texture and style. If you have thin hair, this is a great option for you. When you use these extensions, it is a good idea to cut your hair in a style that blends well with the added hairpiece. For example, it might look nice to cut bangs or add more layers to your hair.

A lot of celebrities wear weaves everyday. If you are going to commit to the weave, then you need to realize that your hair has to be braided underneath. The clip-in weave is the only visible hair that will show. Braiding the hair can be time consuming, but it might be worth it if you do not like the texture of your hair. Weaves are great if you have a hard time styling your hair. They cut down the hair maintenance process.

These are just a few of the most popular clip-on extensions to consider. If you do not want to clip in hair, you can always wear a wig or add hair accessories to enhance your style. These pieces look good on practically anyone. You just have to choose what is right for you. Have fun enhancing your hair so you can look like you belong on the red carpet.

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