Summer Photography Tips for Beginners

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Beginner Photographer

Summer season is well upon us, and there is a golden glow over everything. It is a perfect opportunity for the amateur photographer to get out and capture the beauty of the season.

For women who are passionate about learning photography, there is no better time. Vacations; family gatherings; and day trips to beaches, parks, and museums provide endless vistas to capture and memories to preserve.

Here are some pointers to help the beginner make the most of these opportunities and fine-tune their skills.


When you’re just starting out it’s natural to be enthusiastic, but you don’t need to go overboard and buy the biggest or most expensive equipment. A basic digital camera is a good choice to start. They are easy to operate and you can upload the pictures to your PC or laptop to analyze or enhance them.

An inexpensive tripod is also a good piece of basic equipment, especially for landscape shots, or if you are a little shaky. Once you develop your eye and become more experienced, you can inc]vest in better equipment.


When photographing people, resist the temptation to pose them. Some of the best shots occur when you can capture your subjects when they are relaxed and being themselves.

Set your camera on a rapid shutter speed when you are trying to catch people in action, such as in sporting events or at play. You can make sure to catch all of the action, and then go over all of the photos later and weed out the bad ones.

Try not to be that person who has their camera up in someone’s face at an inappropriate moment.


Sometime you can find beauty in things you look at every day. The camera can provide a fresh perspective on your surroundings, and you will begin to see even the mundane in a different way through the lens of your camera.


Don’t just go for the straight-on shot. Try to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Photographing objects, people, and nature from an extreme close-up or an overhead shot can lead to some pretty interesting photos.

Play with black and white photography, different effects, and the play of light and shadow and how it affects the subject.

There is nothing like practice to sharpen your eye. Carry a camera with you every where. You never know when you will see something amazing that you can capture and share.

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