Pastel Fashion For Summer 2012

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Now that summer has just commenced, it’s time to celebrate those sexy hues of pastel. However, it’s not the pastels of yesteryear that were pasty and dull; these pastels are more vibrant and creamier. Pastels have replaced the neutrals of last year. Colours like coral, mint and even mustard have made their way for this summer’s trend.

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The colours this summer work well for any hair, eye or skin colour. The look of 2012’s pastels compliment warm and cool skin tones and hints of vibrant “pops” of colour compliment tanned and fair skin. The summer’s look is sexy and feminine yet sleek and sophisticated from clothing to shoes, from make-up to hair.

Pastel Fashion


Although pastels top the charts in nails, make-up and clothing, hints of neons can be paired off with pastels. For instance, wear neon green with a subtle sea-foam and mint green. The rule is that neons and pastels should be combined with pastels within the same colour family. Wear a shade, tint and tone of the same colour. The result is both a paler and more vibrant pastel colour paired with a brighter neon colour to complete the trend. Unlike the tapered look of winter, the recent clothing trend is looser and flows.

Pastel Fashion


The barely-there sandals that were made popular last year are still in; however, this summer, high-heeled sandals with straps make a statement to pair off the perfect look. Straps should be of a pastel or bright colour while the rest of the sandal is nude, neutral or clear. However, platform high heels are still in, but the colour scheme has changed to livelier, brighter colours than what was seen in the winter and while the shoes in winter were gaudy, this summer’s trend is more simplistic.

Pastel Fashion


Not only are pastels hot for clothing this summer, but make-up in soft blues, pinks and lilacs bring a fresh look to the face and complete the ensemble. Eyes are pale in appearance save for the flash of soft blue, green or lilac eye shadow worn from the lid to the brow bone. Eyelashes are shiny and grouped together giving the appearance of a freshly washed face. Lips are pink, bright coral and even mauve. Cheeks outdo the entire face with a brighter shade of pink or peach. The overall appearance of the face is fresh.

Pastel Fashion


To pull off the look this year which is reminiscent of Winter 2011’s trend of “anything goes,” 2012 offers a look for all. No matter what hairstyle that’s worn this summer, the overall rule is to do that hairstyle to the utmost. For instance, a ponytail worn should be sleeked back and pulled tight. If a bun is worn, a metal hair wrap makes this look flashy. Hair worn down straight or with a slight curl can be parted on the side or parted in the middle; however, the look should be smooth and pulled together. Hair that is made to look messy should be overboard and the wet-hair look made popular in the 1980s should look doused. A looser hairstyle should feature several strands purposely and noticeably arranged out of place. Whatever effect is sought, the key is to make it dramatic.

The Summer 2012 look is exciting, feminine and refreshing. Having lots of fashion fun has never been easier. With so many looks, the combinations of different hairstyles, clothing, make-up and shoes, the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Jess Lamb

    April 1, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Where are those shorts from please?!xxxx

    • Angela Ricardo

      June 28, 2013 at 11:29 am

      Ebay … you can search using the keywords “ribbon / bow shorts” 🙂

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