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Summer is here, we can start enjoying longer days, shorter nights and the opportunity to wear all the pretty summer dresses which have been waiting patiently in the wardrobe.

This is the time of year where you start spending more time outdoors, going to friends’ homes for a barbeque, walking through the park, going hiking or heading to the nearest beach to catch some sun. It’s a time where everyone seems happy, it’s amazing but when the sun shines everyone automatically seems happier, they feel healthier and it’s a great time to get together and have some fun.

Plan a picnic in the park, take the dogs for a long walk on the moorland or head for the rocky shores and enjoy fish and chips on the beachfront. There is no limit to the fun summer has to offer.

Fashion Trends

This year there are some distinct summer fashion trends. Black and white is in; you never really tire of these two colours. But it’s the bold colours and patterns which are so appealing this year, from the bright oranges and greens to the bold floral patterns; this is what you can expect to see this year when it comes to fashion.

The patterns you will find in shops this year are bold patterns, zigzags and fun shapes. Florals are definitely in, offering a sophistication and elegance to everything you wear this season.

Long summer dresses, shorts, vests and playsuits are just a few of the items you will need to have in your wardrobe to get you through the summer whether you are heading off to the beach or attending an evening party at a friend’s house.

Don’t forget your big sunglasses, sun hat and big handbag to compliment your outfit. The advantage with big handbags is you can fit so much into them. Pop a swimming suit into the bag, a towel or your sunscreen to ensure you are ready to hit the water if the opportunity arises.

Strappy sandals are a must in every woman’s wardrobe this season; there is a range available from wedge heels to flats. Sandals are essential to compliment your summer wardrobe, throw them on when wearing your brightly coloured maxi dress or your floral playsuit.  Choose a neutral colour if you only want to purchase one pair to wear with everything, otherwise you can take advantage of the bold colours available to match with ease of your summer items of clothing.

Party Basics

Due to the recent recession there have been noticeable changes in the way people are spending summer this year. More people are spending time at home, hosting barbeques and dinner parties.

When spending a day at a summer barbeque you need to ensure you have the basics with you, this can include your swim suit, your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. Bear in mind you will probably be sitting out in the garden and a couple of hours of sunshine can be painful and harmful to you. Be prepared when spending a day out, it doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the park or to a friend’s house, use your big fashionable bag and ensure you have all the necessities carefully packed inside.

Evening parties can also be great fun this season, whether it’s a formal dinner party or a fun evening in the garden. Being prepared can ensure you have the best possible time. All you need is throw a lightweight cardigan into your bag, then as the cooler night air closes in you can cover up and still enjoy the fun and laughter.

Playsuits are comfortable, stylish, colourful and bold. These are an essential piece of clothing for every woman’s wardrobe and can be worn when heading out on the town or down to the beach for some fun in the sun.

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