Latest Trends for Statement Earrings

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Going out for a night on the town? Attending a big event? Simply need new looks with your existing wardrobe? An eye popping accessory that can transform any outfit into a spectacular look are statement earrings. Although they may be relatively small in size, earrings can make a big impact in your look. Here are some earring fashion trends that may help to enhance and update your personal style.

Latest Trends for Statement Earrings

1. Bold Colors and Patterns
Bright blues, deep greens, intense reds and every hue in between have made their way onto the earring scene. Bold colors that pop against your skin and hair can add visual interest and stylistic spontaneity to your looks. Consider some colored gems and stones such as the following:

  • Turquoise
  • Jade
  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Sapphires

A bold pattered earring is also on trend. An elaborate design including a few or several of these colorful stones in a beautiful arrangement can make a big statement. A dramatic black and white pattern is also on trend. Be on the lookout for these eye-catching pieces.

2. Dangle Drama
Looking for dramatic earrings? Consider a pair of statement earrings whose movement and presence can contribute significantly to your look. There are many different types of dangle earrings; you are sure to find the right pair for you.

Chandelier earrings are designed with the layered nature of chandeliers in mind. They often have a simple top and a gradual fullness toward the bottom of the earring.  Drop earrings are also trending. These pieces also have a relatively smaller top and a larger bottom, often adorned with gems or stones. Lastly, hoops remain in fashion force. These dangle earrings vary in size but are now often embellished entirely or partially with colorful stones for extra drama. Pairing these statement pieces with other jewelry such as necklaces, wrap around bracelets, or a hair piece is sure to enhance the drama of your ensemble even more.

3. Simple Studs

Understated studs never go out of style. You cannot beat their versatility! While they may be relatively smaller on your lobes than a drop earring or a hoop, studs can have a creative and artistic impact on your look. They can also make a statement about who you are—your likes, your hobbies, your beliefs, etc. Earring studs come in a variety of styles and shapes including:

  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Symbols
  • Words or Sayings (split between the two earrings)
  • Shapes
  • Stones/Gems

The options are endless. You can really have fun with studs and think outside the traditional jewelry box. While simple and delicate, studs can add interest and personality into your casual and dress-up looks.

An easy way to enhance your style and bolster your wardrobe is to incorporate statement earrings. Whether you are casually hanging out with friends or attending a large event, a pair of earrings that make a statement is sure to complement your outfit. Be on the lookout for dramatic dangle earrings, unique stud earrings, and all earrings bold and colorful. These will be accessories that can accent you and your style in a noteworthy way.

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