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Adriana Lima’s $2M Fantasy Bra

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Adriana Lima is Victoria’s Secretangel extraordinaire”. Aside from Heidi Klum, she is the only other VS model to have worn the coveted fantasy bra twice so far. She first wore the fantasy bra in 2008 which was dubbed the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra which cost the famous lingerie company a whopping $5M. She won the opportunity to wear it again in 2010 for the Bombshell Fantasy Bra which cost $2M.

Adriana Lima 2M Fantasy BraAdriana Lima 2M Fantasy BraAdriana Lima 2M Fantasy BraAdriana Lima 2M Fantasy Bra

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Designed by Damiani, the $2M Bombshell Fantasy Bra had a total of 142 carats in various gemstones, 60 carats of white diamonds, and 82 carats of topaz and sapphires. Six craftsmen worked on the bra for a total of 1500 hours to set the over 3,000 stones in 18k white gold that made up the cups of the stunning bra. None of the fantasy bras have ever been sold and reports say that they have all been dismantled but the company wisened up in 2010 with Adriana Lima’s Bombshell Fantasy Bra and made a $250 consumer version with Swarovski crystals.

Needless to say, Adriana Lima looked amazing in the $2M Bombshell Fantasy Bra she wore in the 2010 Victoria’s Secret show which aired on November 30 of that year. The 1950s inspired bra was very elegant and Adriana says it was in keeping with her personal style and was not vulgar and very comfortable. Even more impressive is the fact that Adriana had just given birth when she walked down the runway in all her bombshell glory with the Bombshell Fantasy Bra on. It is the cheapest Fantasy Bra by Victoria’s Secret to date, the most expensive being the $15M ruby-and-diamond encrusted bra and panty set worn by Gisele Bündchen in the annual fashion event in 2000.

I’m looking forward to 2013’s Victoria Secret fashion Show to see what they have in store for all of us. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to cover a VS runway show live someday. Until next! xx

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