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The Top 20 Style Lessons From 2012

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Check out below the list of top 20 style lessons from 2012. Any, if not all, of the listed fashion and style below might continue to trend this year of 2013.

Top 20 Style Lessons 2012

1. The return of ’60s era dresses and shapes. It was once seen at Victoria Beckham dresses shot in a January magazine issue.

2. The iconic silhouettes of the ’50s. The hourglass shape type of Donna Karan’s creations would look awesome on any today’s upcoming stars.

3. Retro fashion style. Styles like car coat, midi skirt, and super structured bustier is a hit for spring.

4. Prim and proper lady-like styling will always be a good choice.

5. Cheeky prints reminds us that fashion is fun.

6. Bold curves dresses combines fairytale fantasy and architectural modernism in one. A good fashion style for every woman.

7. The spot-on tailoring, skinny-sleeved blazers and a button-up done to the throat gives a modern American prep look.

8. Minimalist fashion style is sexy and refreshing.

9. Basic colors and extra coverage type and style of bikini still looks trendy and elegant.

10. Sporty looking is in. Sportswear like jerseys and sneakers is a hot trend.

11. Vintage look shouldn’t be that hard and expensive to achieve. A very ’20s silk georgette dress from Chloé is a good example of it.

12. Leather outfits give a strong, sexy and stylish look.

13. 2012 fall collections prove that ornate lovers can embellish anything, like with extra beads and sequins.

14. Sweaters with a hint of fur is a fun and stylish outfit for any woman.

15. Power-suits inspired outfits with tailored pieces in same color palette makes a great fashion statement.

16. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching prints. It can give a quirky-cool effect that makes the mixing effort totally worth it.

17. Lacy floral can turn girly to gothic.

18. Texture play adds something more at any ensemble. Lace dress and cardigan gives a fascinating look.

19. Masculine slouch for women can still be devastating but it can be enhanced with a matching set or separate finds.

20. Statement necklace works wonders. It can refresh and redefine any and every piece hanging at the closet.

How about you? Do you have any style lessons for 2012?

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