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Why Is Wearing Sunglasses So Important?

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The reason behind the invention of sunglasses, dating back to prehistoric times, is to shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. We all know that, but how exactly do the glasses filter out the rays?

The Inuits used to wear a basic form of glasses made from ivory with a list horizontally through the middle of them so they could look through the slit and block out the bright sunlight. The Chinese also used a form of early sunglasses to shield their eyes in the 12th century.

In the early 1900s, yellow and brown tinted glasses were prescribed to sufferers of syphilis as sensitivity to light was a common side effect.

Optical Express Prescription Sunglasses

Later, the use of sunglasses as a fashion statement was becoming more common, and Hollywood movie stars often covered their eyes with them. Inexpensive mass-produced sunglasses were available in America in 1929 when Sam Foster sold them on the beaches of New Jersey.

Visual clarity
Sunglasses can protect the eyes from glare, meaning comfort for the user. Polarized lenses – those made to only let vertical light in – are great for fisherman and sailors as they reduce glare off of water, meaning the fish below can be seen instead of a blinding glare from the sun.

Same thing applies when it comes to prescription sunglasses. With our technology, even regular eyeglasses can now transition to sunglasses and keep our vision on point while protecting it from harmful UV rays. Optical Express (whom had been around since 1991) is just one of the many companies out there that have set their mission to completely eradicate the need to put up with poor vision.

The most important reason behind billions of people wearing sunglasses is protection from being exposed to light from the sun. The sun gives off both visible and invisible components which can damage and hurt our eyes.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause many eye problems including forms of eye cancer. This is why medical experts suggest your sunglasses have a high UV filter rating (99-100%). However, sunglasses cannot protect your eyes from the effect of looking at a solar eclipse: this is something that can make you blind almost instantly, and sunglasses cannot protect your eyes from looking directly at the sun.

The ability to block harmful UV rays comes from a special coating on the sunglasses. It is an invisible coating that is applied during the manufacturing process and darker glasses aren’t necessarily better than lighter ones. Larger frame and wrapped-around sunglasses will also protect your outer eye area, which can also be affected by the sun.

Ensuring our eyes stay healthy is important as the eye is a delicate and important organ. If you are ever unsure, visit your medical professional for advice or an eye test.

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