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What a Bathing Suit Says About the Woman Who Wears It

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The type of bathing suit that you choose to wear can actually tell others a lot about you. The pattern, shape, and style can say a lot about your personal taste, and what you feel comfortable with.

You may prefer to wear a two piece bathing suit to show off your toned abs, or you may like the way a certain one piece bathing suit accentuates your curves. It is possible that you are drawn to a print that shows the world that you are a little saucy, like a leopard print. Perhaps you are a woman that likes bright fun colors, so you may choose a lovely polka dot bikini.

❝ Your bathing suit could make the statement that you are into athletics,
or it may make you appear more like a model. ❞

Many people are under the assumption that bathing suits are something new. It seems incredible to think of a woman who lived in the Victorian Era spending a relaxing day at the beach. The fact is that bathing suits date clear back to the Greek and Roman Empires. The bathing suits worn in each period of time said a lot about the women wearing them, and the culture.

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The infographic on this post provides information about the bathing suits commonly worn by women throughout the ages. It is a fascinating study on what was considered socially acceptable in different time periods.

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