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Hello there fashionista’s and trend setters! Hope y’all are having a good one. If you have been a regular reader and follower of my facebook, twitter and instagram you’d be well aware of my flashy blinged up phone and gadget. I really like how my phone stands out and customized and designed to the way I want it to look. In my opinion it reflects my personality and I have a bubbly and colorful persona so my phone is quite sparkly and studded. LOL.

Some guys could care less over my cellphone design, while some like Boyf have expressed how ugly they think my phone looks like. While on the other hand, majority of women thinks my phone is quite beautiful. No matter what I am happy with my phone despite the fact that I have yet to purchase or make my own version of an ear plug keychain to complete its awesomeness. Ha! Obviously, I love trendy stuff that makes my phone stand out. So when I found out about the Joey Neck ID Pouch – I knew right there that it will be worth sharing to y’all. Check it out…

Joey NeckidJoey NeckidJoey NeckidJoey NeckidJoey NeckidJoey NeckidJoey Neckid

What I really love about the Joey Neck ID Pouch is that it is carefully hand crafted and comes in different colors to match outfit ensemble and even personality. I love any PINK shades so the Pink Frosting is my perfect match. The handle / necklace holder is well designed and coordinates well with the overall look. Another thing about the Joey is that there are dedicated slots inside for credit cards, identification card, receipts, etc. and holds most mobile device snugly.

Joey, the pouch that is transcending the way women carry their essentials

For those of you who wants to make a statement on your fashion, the Joey Neck ID Pouch will be your perfect match. They also make great gifts to friends and loved-ones. If you have any questions, suggestion or comments feel free to let me know. Til’ next, xox.

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  1. JHEN

    August 8, 2012 at 5:15 am

    people has many taste. Some may agrees some are not. though, Your phone is so cute! and I love it! been planning to bling my phone too! haha. i got jealous to my friend’s ipod xD lol love the bag of your phone too! :3

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