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For those of you who are a regularly visiting this blog, you’d know already that I have taken a great liking to the original Basketball Wives show. I have been a regular follower and simply can’t resist adoring how beautiful the ladies dress up. Their choice of accessories, bags, dresses and of course shoes are simply to die for. They simply look gorgeous without even trying hard.

Obviously of course, the item they have will be quite expensive if not really expensive. I am not one to spend hard earned money in just one item and would prefer to find something that look just as beautiful but not as pricey. A few outfit post ago, I have shared maxi dresses inspired by the BBW ladies and today I am here to share yet another find to steal the look. The famous Bling Earrings that the girls are sporting.

My fave. of all is the one that Evelyn Lozada wears, and I am fortunate enough to get one from called the Cookies and Cream Bling Bling Collection and retails for $24.99 available for shipping worldwide and wholesale purchase for possible resellers.

Evelyn Lozada EarringsEvelyn Lozada EarringsEvelyn Lozada EarringsEvelyn Lozada Earrings
This pair is absolutely stunning and looks just like the original that Evelyn Lozada is wearing. The only difference of course is that it isn’t made of swarovski crystal that would cost a lot! Overall, the quality is really exceptional and is very sturdy. This design can easily be paired and styled with just about anything. From casual shirt over jeans, to semi and even formal events over a cocktail dress accessorize with pandora charm beads and paired with high heels. Watch out for my next outfit post featuring this beautiful pair. I will also be sharing another review featuring two more Earrings from The iLLLines bling collection.

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