The Power Of Undies: Instant Confidence Booster for Women

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I’ll make a wager with you. I bet that when Fraulein Maria was singing I Have Confidence on the Sound of Music, she was wearing fancy knickers underneath. That’s probably why the Mother Superior was always on her case.

Whether we admit it or not, we women get an extra boost of confidence when we know that we’re wearing silky underwear underneath a seemingly unassuming outfit. It’s almost empowering to know that you know something people don’t. (That’s Victoria’s Secret for you!).

Experts when it comes to body image say that the ultimate reward a woman can give herself in order to send her self-confidence soaring up to the heavens is fancy underwear. We women motivate ourselves to feel sexy and confident by rewarding ourselves and indulging in something as simple as sexy knickers.

I have this friend who once went on a job interview with clammy hands and a pounding heart. She made it through the interview with confidence by wearing lace bra and panties under her corporate attire. She felt she had this power unbeknownst to her panel of interviewers. Because her sexy knickers from Figleaves made her feel sexy, she instantly felt more confident about herself. The feeling of sexiness and confidence seem to be directly proportional to one another.

Sure, we dress to impress. But more than impressing others, we first aim to impress ourselves. Just because that hunk of a guy across the street doesn’t have X-ray vision and can’t see those lacey panties under your maxi dress, doesn’t mean you have no reason to wear them.

The idea alone that you are wearing them makes you feel confident and sexy, and that you can take on any challenge life hurls your way.

If it makes you feel good, then that’s more than enough reason to wear sexy underwear.

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