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Okay so … we just got home. It’s quite muggy and there’s a bit of rain today. The whole day yesterday the weather was very nice. I won’t dish out much here as I would much rather spill all the details of my latest getaway on my travel blog. 🙂

I had quite a blast. We Arrived before noon in Amsterdam and ate in an Eat all you can buffet. Checked ourselves in at Novotel Hotel then went out for a stroll in the city and then my girl friend Sada and I rode this “Bungee Human Catapult” catapult ride. It was a very spontaneous decision and I am quite terrified in fact, but I still gave it a go. Seriously, the whole bouncing, flipping and 180 degrees turn in the mid-air drove me crazy!!!

Looking Quite Terrified
BungeeBungee The guy was pulling our feet off!
Bungee Suspended in thin air

Photo of the Moment: I looked stressed out while the guy is all excited..


Then we went to try some shooting games. Obviously I can’t really shoot. It was actually my first time trying a shotgun game. The only other shooting game I have tried are air gun and water gun. Lmao. So this time, it was quite a challenge. The shot gun is way heavier and made it impossible for me to get a good aim and shot. I wanted to try out more games to try and win a stuffed toy but I ran out of bills and there weren’t any nearby atm machine in the area. It would be very nice if they had posguys for cordless barcode scanner and just charge me off that way on my card. Ha! Maybe it was a good thing they didn’t or I would of charged a big chunk on my card. LOL.


Look at my hair here! Omg, it’s all over the place. All that flipping from the BUngee ride made my hair go wild. Yet, look at Sada’s hair still looking fab! Soo jealous! Next time, I’ll come prepared and braid my hair. If you want to read the rest of my escapade don’t forget to visit my travel blog.

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