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Hello divas! If you’re a regular reader you would be aware of my frequent hair style change and the crazy things I do with my hair. For those of you who are new here, welcome to my simple online abode and prepare yourself to be overwhelmed with my vanity. My hair craze started back when I was 17 when I have stepped up my game from dyeing to bleaching and highlighting. This is what I call my “Blonde-rexia” Syndrome. Excuse my words as this is how I express myself. So obviously, my hair takes quite a beating [damage] from all my actions and recently I have made another attempt to re-blonde my hair then a few days later I have decided to cut-off my long mane and then days later chop off some more bangs. Which is why I make sure I have the right hair products that I can surely rely on.

A few weeks back Healthy Hair Plus have sent me their Oily Hair and Scalp Kit for my honest review. As I always say in my reviews, I give my unbiased opinion no matter what and when the product claims to “Remove the cause of over Oily Scalp” I want to make sure it really does the job.

Oily hair and scalp solved with Follicleanse® root cleansing & sebum regulating shampoo! A great combination to help reduce the problem associated with oily hair and not just cover it up! Healthy hair guaranteed. We guarantee results with a complete 45-day guarantee.

The perfect combination to reduce oily scalp and strands while providing protection, moisture and style manageability!

With that being said, I took some time before sharing my review to test out the product and see the results. About a week later of trying the product my hair surely does look healthier and less oily! Take a closer look of the product…

HealthyHairPlus Follicleanse

Shampoo Time

HealthyHairPlus Follicleanse

Applying the Shampoo

HealthyHairPlus Follicleanse


Rinse and Apply Conditioner


Off to Condition Hair

HealthyHairPlus Follicleanse

Lather and Massage Gently


Wash, Dry & Style… Voila!


Follicleanse® for oily hair & scalp – the first natural based shampoo to gets to the source oily scalp and hair. It uses natural occurring zinc to regulate the amount of oils that the scalp produces. See results immediately and then watch them get better with each use.

Guaranteed to help control greasiness and excess sebum! Smells wonderful! Use 3 -7 times weekly! It can be used as pre-shampoo (use Follicleanse® first and then shampoo with your favorite shampoo or it can be used alone. Works great for clogged follicles and scalp inflammation problems.

The product not only live up to its promise it also made my hair easier to manage. Aside from the quality of the product the customer service from is very commendable too. They ship their products fast and with assurance that it will arrive safe and sound. My product arrived in about 2 weeks or less and had been packaged in a small box with bubble wraps to secure the product.

Overall: The shampoo and conditioner helped manage my oily hair and with summer coming up I am no longer dreading the sweaty, hot days as I know I have a product I can rely on. For the scent I am not very fond of the smell of the shampoo as it smells like an old foundation powder but not so strong to the point that I won’t use the product. The conditioner on the other hand leaves a nice floral scent and washes away the scent from the shampoo. Highly recommended.

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