10 Sexy Perfumes For Women For Any Mood And Style

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There is not one single way a woman can be sexy, and I’m pretty sure you know what outfit or make up make you feel (and therefore be) terrific. But what about perfumes? Are you sure that the one (or ones) you wear match with your idea of sexy?

If you found somehow difficult to answer the question, hopefully this selection of ten fragrances for women will offer a good example of different ways to feel more attractive. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne A L’Extreme: Classic Sexy
This “extreme” version of Parisienne will offer a sweet and dense mix of rose and berries in the first part, and a modern, sexy rose in the second. It’s luscious without being vulgar, and rose is always a safe bet.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her: All-But-Classic Sexy
From the very start, the delicate florals in this Narciso Rodriguez perfume will be dressed by the warm and human aroma of musk, with a perfect balance between clean and “dirty.” Some women find its warmth a bit “rude,” but being gentle is not always mandatory.

I Love Love By Moschino: Fun Sexy
Why not: sexy can be fun and light. The anti-seducing can be a form of seduction, and if you have a smiling and bright personality try this I Love Love: it’s floral and fruity, it changes all the time and it’s never boring.

Ralph Lauren Romance: Pretending-I-Don’t-Care Sexy
This one is for when you like to play subtle. Romance by Ralph Lauren is also fruity and floral, with a green line striking through. However, what really makes the difference from the joyful style of I Love Love is a vague but attractive sweetness, which adds some malice.

Naughty Alice By Vivienne Westwood: I-Do-Care Sexy
Although not so naughty as it seems, this Vivienne Westwood fragrance will act above the board with warm musk and dense florals, sprinkled with a powdery layer. This is for dim-light scenarios, so keep it for night-outs and avoid the office.

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume: Good Girl Sexy
There are strong, intense florals in this Dior perfume, but they are kept at bay by citrus notes popping up here and there. Miss Dior Cherie is the good girl next door, who won’t say no to a bit of adventure.

Angel Perfume By Thierry Mugler: Maybe Not So Sexy, But A Good Test For Sure
Angel is jasmine and cotton candy galore with very arrogant patchouli in it. That’s why love or hate is the normal reaction it gets. If you love it, then wear it on a first date: if the guy is willing to see you again, he either loves it, or hates it but wants a second date in spite of that. Either way, he’s worth it.

Perfume Prada Amber For Women: Green Sexy
This is the moderate version of Angel: less cloying and gourmand, and more girly, with patchouli giving out freshly-cut grass green notes. Prada Amber For Women projects a playful femininity with an explicit and addictive sweetness.

Chanel Chance: Floral Sexy
Lovers of Chanel perfumes tend to dismiss this one, but I always liked its attitude. It’s probably not subtle enough for a Chanel perfume, but if you want to rely mainly on powerful florals to get your boost of sexiness, then Chance will be there for you.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million: Blonde Sexy
There is a lot of stuff in this ultra-popular fragrance: fruits, florals, patchouli and honey for example. The sweetness is controlled, and so is the balance between fruits and florals. It has the same explicitness of Naughty Alice, but it’s more allusive than intrusive. In other words it’s the perfect blonde.

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