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Sigma had been well known for their competitive brushes that lines up well with brands like Sephora and Mac. There have been many reviews and raves about it claiming that there are barely any difference to the quality of their brushes comparable to the previous mentioned top of the line brands. About a month ago I have received my Duo Fibre F50 to review and pass verdict myself. The F50 is a stippling brush and is a combination of synthetic and natural bristles that can be used on liquid foundation, moisturizers, or even cream blushes. To date, three weeks had already passed and I am very much pleased to share that my brush had surpassed all my expectation. The quality is definitely top of the line and the good news is, the price is very reasonable too! Check out my photos below…


Product Quality


3 weeks later…

Even after 3 weeks of regular use my brush remained intact and had showed very little signs of wear. To top that I have regularly washed it once a week to keep it sanitized and clean. Despite all that, the bristles remained soft, fluffy, and very few brush strands or hair came off from washing. The few strands that did come loose is natural, the shedding eventually stops after several washes. On my experience it is after 3-4 washes. So remember to give it a chance.

Verdict: The brush is extremely soft and compared to MAC 187 it is actually more dense with the white bristles. There was no dye running out when I washed the Sigma F50 brush, I have read a few people have this problem but it did not happen with mine. The breakdown is that It looks very professional and totally stipples liquid foundation perfectly.

Overall: 9/10 retail price is $15. If you are looking for amazing quality, SUPER SOFT, great deal stippling brush, I definitely recommend this. You can get this individually or in a complete kit. You can get this brushes on

FTC: Sigma Beauty sponsored Duo Fibre F50 brush for my honest review. I was not compensated to make this entry. I am affiliated with Sigma but in no way does it affect my review and this is 100% my honest opinion.

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