Review: Mary Kay Lipstick in Pink Satin

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Last April I have made a review for a Mary Kay Lipstick creme in Sweet Nectar and today I will be sharing my review for Pink Satin. The packaging is the same, but the lipstick case had changed as it now has a swatch color on the lid. Which is more appealing to buyers as it will be easier to tell the color even without samples.


Product Quality


Verdict: Just like the sweet nectar it has no shimmer in it. Very barbie like in color and super girly. It’s wearable either night or day and all sorts of occasion. It’s long-wearing as well and re-applying is not really necessary. Have even had a couple of drinks namely coffee and tea and it didn’t completely come off. If you’re into feminine look, then Pink Satin is recommended for having a barbie like lip color.

Overall: 9/10 retail price is $13. Mary Kay products can be bought from the official website, from representatives, or ebay. Great Buy, will definitely buy myself another.

FTC: I bought this Mary Kay lipstick myself and made this entry post for my honest review. I was not compensated to make this entry. I am not affiliated with Mary Kay and this is 100% my honest opinion.

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