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Revealing Spring/Summer 2013 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

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Men Fashion Week

Early Indications

If there are any men reading this who were hoping to read tales of masculine fashion and the return of testosterone-fuelled designs for 2013, then look away now, as I am afraid you are going to be disappointed.

The biggest and most notable news coming from Paris last week was that prints are going to be massive once again. So for the men who were going to discard their prints after this year, do not think of doing anything of the sort! Put them away nicely over the winter, and find the use you will get from them again next year.

There have been a number of prints exceptionally well received this year, and others that have been more polarising or widely derided. You will not be surprised to learn that these trends continue next year, with some prints pushing boundaries even further than they have done this summer.

Men Fashion Week


The thing with camouflage has never been that it is ugly, it is just that very few men understand how to wear camouflage well, and use it as a functional piece rather than something that is a piece of fashion. Trends for next year will see camouflage be massive once again, but there will be a wide range of colours incorporated into designs, including bright yellows, reds, and greens.

Bomber style jackets with blacked out camouflage, yet still visible, will be massive on the back of this year’s bomber revival in men’s fashion.

Men Fashion Week

Funky and Floral

Yes, I am afraid that there will be no escaping the fresh floral patterns or casual shirts for yet another year. What we are learning so far is that with a lot of stuff repeated for a change, fashion in 2013 could be a better year for your wallet than previous years! The key to great florals is picking a pattern and colour that suits you, and getting the right wash of denim to match you up. As a basic rule, a lighter shirt needs darker denim, and vice versa. Go for stylish plimsolls to finish off the look, and experiment with dress shoes only if the denim is expensive and dark.

Men Fashion Week

Big Contrasts

Our final trend for next year is something of a double entendre, with oversized clothing in bright, loud colours set to be stylish. With urban fashions continuing to push their way into contemporary style and trends, it is easy to see where this look comes from. Look out for baggy yellow trousers and blue oversized jackets to be hitting your local stores next year. is a fashion website dedicated to the latest trends in mens clothes. Stylepilot offers a variety of popular brands and clothing ranges in the UK.

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