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Yes you read it right! I have finally made up my mind to set-up my own makeup room / photography room. I am sure it won;t be as awesome as those that I see from professional makeup artist, but at least I will have my own now. The point is I am starting and that’s got to count for something.

As of the moment I am really really with my paperwork in class. If you are reading my personal blog at you would know how busy and swamped I am with my task. Not only that my internet has been acting up lately to the point that I have no reliable net connection. Bah! But despite that… of course I will be on twitter, tweeting whatever rants I have. I am actually happy that I have my loyal 4k+ followers there checking up on me and keeping me at my wits when I’m really irritated. I have also noticed my facebook fanpage had finally reach past 2k and so goes for my growing youtube subbies. I promise when I get my net back up and stable again and have gotten settled with my class I will be making a youtube video update again.

For now all I can do is try to keep y’all posted and have some interesting reads and time worthy photos to check on over here. Coffee anyone? 🙂

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