The Never Ending Week

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This week had been so long I just dreaded each passing hour that had passed. My body and my mind is just super stressed out. I have been totally out of it… busy with school’s paperwork, cleaning and tidying up the house [general cleaning & furniture re-arranging is a bitch!], and sideline job of course. I barely have any time to squeeze in my personal agendas. Just when I do find some time to squeeze in blogging, making video update for my channel, or to update my social networks —-the internet connection is down. WTF! That is just a drag. -_-”

Finally its friday and I can just relax and unwind a bit before I continue with my so called battle. I’ve decided to hang out at the Joke house. Of course despite being so tired I’m still going to try and doll myself up. A girl always have to be classy and fabolous according to Coco Chanel. 🙂

…and have of course to have my favorite drink —-coffee! This time it’s not the typical cold espresso, I’ve decided to go for a regular cold coffee which is Caffe Freddo. Mnnnn. Tell if that isn’t mouth watering….

Absolutely delish and I just can’t have enough of it. Except of course I have to control myself as it is almost midnight and I’ve already had coffee this morning as well. 😀 I’ll be off to relax. Til next, xox.

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