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LOL… catchy title ‘eh? hahaha. As always you should be well aware of this already if you’re following my tweets. Why should you follow me? Prolly because I have interesting rants and spill to share. Don’t believe me? Then ask my 4k followers on why they follow me. *insert evil laughter here* Let’s start y’all with a cup of coffee before any of you gets a major breakdown. LOL

Okay, okay… Enough goofing around.

Yesterday was indeed hectic but still I have to make sure that I am able to take care of my responsibilities. That’s what being an adult means… being responsible of their given task even if that means cramming, less sleep, and breaking in —what now? Okay here’s the break down. Boyf and I have somehow ended up being locked out of our place and obviously there is no other way to get back in. No I am not going to waste time to look for the manager of our place… nor do I want to drive to his office to check for spare keys… I am no Charlie’s Angel, I don’t know James Bond, I am not related to Cat Woman… but I know the made-up special agent inside my head from watching too many CSI shows, and after watching and falling in love with the tv series 24. Yes I’m a Jack Bower’s fan girl. Can you guess what happened next?

I went through the window… LOL
which is how I got the scratch [refer to lower photo]… Ouch!

Got a couple of scratch here and there… But nothing major that won’t heal up. Nothing serious that would leave a scar I think. LOL. Honestly I felt really sexy and fierce afterwards. hahaha. Felt like as if I’m on a special mission or something chasing for the bad guys. I just need the tight leather clothes, a combat knife, and AK + ammunition. Maybe not that big of a weapon… too heavy for my built. Maybe a .45 would do. Oh wait, I hear the enemies coming —I better go out there and save innocent lives. Ha! Too many RPG games! Blame Call of Duty, Marvel vs DC Universe, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Counter Strike, and whatever else I have played and forgot to mention. I better get off my blog now before I keep babbling nonsense stuff here. I’ll go chill and play some more games. Eeeek.

Til next, xox.

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