Maintaining My Hair At Home

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Going to a salon to have my hair trimmed every so often is proving to be too expensive now that money is tight. I used to have my hair trimmed every three weeks to get rid of unsightly split ends but this practice has become impractical now that I no longer have a second job. So, now I need to consider doing the trimming myself as I only need to get rid of the split ends.

A friend of mine does her own hair trimming so I decided to ask her what type of shears would produce the best results if I want to simply get rid of the split ends that appear on my hair every so often. She advised me to look for hair thinning shears and directed me to a website where she gets her salon supplies. She told me to choose texturing shears made of high quality metal with an offset handle. I found texturizer shear made of titanium from Kamisori which promises precision thinning and texturing for both wet and dry hair. They have an adjustable tension system and come with ring inserts that can make my fingers fit more comfortably in the handle. The offset handle also promises to reduce shoulder and risk fatigue when doing the hair cutting. I emailed the product’s features to my friend and she told me that they seemed perfect for my personal use. Needless to say, I ordered the product and will soon be saving some hard earned money now that my salon visits have become fewer.

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