Black Friday Special Deals at Macys

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Black Friday’ is a much awaited shopping extravaganza in the US that is held on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It heralds in the coming of the Christmas season, a time for gift-giving and merriment. All the major department stores and commercial chains have come out with their special deals and promos to give their loyal customers a preview on what to expect on this special day and Macy’s upcoming ‘Black Friday’ holiday sale, my favorite shopping date is now exception.

Black Friday Sale

This early, Macy’s has announced that the shopping frenzy starts at midnight on Friday, Nov. 23 and will run until 1pm on Saturday, Nov. 24. However, customers have the option to jump start this shopping extravaganza by shopping online. This begins on Nov. 22, on Thanksgiving Day and will also run until Saturday, Nov. 24. The shopping chain has also put in place a special service which allows their loyal clientele to receive Black Friday alerts on their smartphones. A preview of the deals and specials for the event is already up on their website.

Black Friday Sale

Checking on the website, I have already drawn up a shopping list for myself as well as great ideas for gifts to friends and family. The list I have made for my personal use includes several tops that are all amazingly less than $50 each, a coat at less than $100, a tote bag I have been eyeing from Coach at less than $150 and several pairs of shoes. What woman doesn’t love shoes? So, I am definitely getting a few for myself next Friday. To make sure that I get all the items on my personal list, I plan to go online at midnight on the 23rd. This way, I do not have to deal with the crowds and avoid the rush as well.

My list for family and friends is a long one. Naturally, I will be buying clothes for my hubby and as well as for my mama. I would like to get a couple of bags for my best friend and for my personal use as well. There are also special deals on accessories, so I am considering to check out the ‘Black Friday’ specials on Macy’s website and make a list of the accessories that would make great gifts for Christmas day. My beloved other half has his own list for his family back in the states, and I am honestly wondering if he’s getting a few for me as a surprise. Needless to say but I intend to purchase some Christmas gift for him from Macy’s. I am so excited and am greatly anticipating this year’s Black Friday holiday sale at Macy’s.

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