Leggings and Tights during Winter

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I love anything and everything about fashion. I somehow get abreast of the latest trends by reading a lot of fashion magazines and watching reality TV shows like Project Runway. Different seasons can definitely influence fashion trends. For instance, the summer season will bring in dresses and skirts with vibrant colors and bold, vivid prints as well as crochet tops. Meanwhile, the season of spring will usher in fashions with whimsical prints as inspired by nature. Sexy, comfortable clothes are definitely in style during these seasons. Although there are some fashion trends that I like and tend to follow, there are also those which I don’t. I simply choose those that I know would look good on me.

As for fall and winter seasons, the fashion must-haves are jackets, boots, tweed and tuxedo style blazers, sweaters, cardigans, and as well as scarves. Obvious picks are clothes that conform to the cold weather. Another in fashion item is a pair of lamb leather leggings. It’s a chic, high-impact, alternative option to the standard skinny jeans. Wearing leggings is actually a trend that somehow never goes out of fashion. So whatever style of leggings it may be doesn’t really matter. It also helps to keep you warm while still remaining stylish. I absolutely love them because I can wear any top or blouse with them and any kind of shoes.

The same thing goes with tights which happen to be just as stylish as leggings. If you have plenty of fashion sense, you’d be able to do a lot with your leggings. Pair it with an over-sized cardigan or pair a patterned style with a metallic skirt. You can also wear simple cotton leggings with a bright leather jacket and boots. There are a variety of styles and colors available that can make an outfit come alive. There are printed leggings, those with waistband and zips, brocade leggings, velvet leggings and a lot more. I actually found several that I’d like to buy from Hue‘s online shop. They have a wide selection that would leave anyone who loves statement leggings and tight breathless.

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