A Quick Valentines Guide for the Clueless

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Valentines is coming up and most couples are now starting to discuss the perfect way to celebrate the day of hearts. Most people prefer a simple dinner for two while others go out of town and do more adventurous activities. Whether one will enjoy the moment or not, highly depends if the aura of the date matches the personalities of the couple involved. There are 4 types of personalities of a person which needs different preparations for a date.

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Feeler type – Those of the “feeler type” will surely enjoy an intimate dinner for two in a fancy restaurant where ice cold wine is served and mellow music is played. They want to talk more about experiences in life which will reveal how one reacts or feels toward a certain situation. You can always perk the date up by surprising them with small gifts such as a lovely dance or something as grand as a 77 Diamonds Eternity ring. These gifts would make them feel valued and loved.

Entertainer – Those of the entertainer type would love to be always on the go. They would want to go to places where a lot of activities can be done with you. All these things that you would do with them would be memories they would carry forever. Bring them somewhere they have never been before!

Thinker – Thinker types love to read people. So the best way to please them is to make sure they don’t figure out what you are planning out. You may bring them to a place they never thought they’d love, but the moment thinking about where you’d bring them would excite them the most.

Controller – Controller types want to be in control. They love to be the one who plans everything to make sure that everything turns out perfect. They may seem complicated but pleasing them is a piece of cake – just appreciate their effort. That’s all they need and that’s the single thing that would make their heart melt.

So there you go. I hope all the lovers in the world would enjoy and would have the best time this month. More importantly, I hope everyone will find love.

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