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Great Reasons To Explore And Stay In Milan

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There are a lot of reasons that I can enumerate to visit and spend some time at Milan, Italy. It can be the food, places, scenery, the weather and the people and its community. I love visiting Milan. Aside from learning new things (historical) and checking out new places (sight-seeing), I get to inspire myself (window shopping) for my upcoming fashion editorial too. I listed down below the major reasons on why I highly recommend Milan for tourists and fashion enthusiast for a memorable exploration and one of a kind experience.

Milan Italy


Milan – is a city that you will surely recognize and remember every time you hear the word “fashionably well-dressed citizens”. Milan is considered as the 2nd principal fashion capital of the world among the big four (the other three are London, New York and Paris). The reason behind this worldwide recognition and ranking is that, the city itself is a hub of well known fashion stores like Versace (which can be spotted on my Nokia Video featuring my life as a fashion blogger), Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and a lot more.

milano nokia lumiatrenitalia milano nokia lumia

This is a place where you can shop for top quality clothing, footwear, and as well as accessories. During night time you can also enjoy walking by the Duomo and check out some night market selling various stuff from fresh fruits, candy and even bags or accessories. From my personal perspective, this is a wonderful city to check out if you are a fashion driven person and wanted to explore Milan because of its fashion authority.

Milan Italy Fashion Week 2013


Milan has lots to offer when it comes to attractions. One big example is the Duomo, world’s largest cathedral and the third largest church in Europe! This place alone (be sure to check out my Duomo scene on my Nokia video) and surely that alone can make you plan your next trip to Milan. Also, do know that the Duomo roof has 135 spires and 3200 statues. The crucifix inside is known to contain a nail from the original and authentic cross of Christ. Climbing up the Duomo’s spires is one great experience too because at the very last spire or step, you can clearly see the beautiful and enchanting top view of Milan.

Foods And Hotels

If you are craving for some Italian dish, then tasting the famous Milan dishes like risotto (one of my favorite) and spaghetti al’astice (the best fresh lobster spaghetti) is a must try out cuisine. The two said foods are considered as Milan’s traditional and one of a kind food masterpiece. Then of course, you can also check out other Italian dishes like Pizza and followed by a Gelato (ice cream from fruits) on any Milan restaurants which serves traditional Italian cuisine.

As for the hotels, this city has lot to offer. From 5 stars hotels up to not so expensive but elegant looking apartment or apartelles. If you plan to visit and stay for a few days at Milan, I recommended to try a classy apartment instead of the typical Hotel choce since they won’t cost you a lot for a short term stay and would definitely be a great experience too. You can set or make your apartment inquiries and reservations on sites like for a hassle free vacation and visit.

I think that’s it, my some sort of summary on why visiting and staying in Milan is a must for everyone. If the fashion week is your main reason for doing so, make sure to stay ahead of the game by checking out the dates and line up of upcoming events. Also, if you think this article makes you want to travel (in Milan), share it with your friends and followers. Who knows, they might come with you as well. For sure that would make the visit a lot more fun and memorable one.

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  1. Mommy Liz

    January 19, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    I can only see places like this thru pictures, I wonder when am I going to see it in person. I will just keep dreaming.

  2. ~Ms. Joy mH~

    January 23, 2013 at 4:21 am

    I never been to Milan, Italy myself. Hoping someday, I could explore it as well. Very lovely photo. Oh Versace!!! AWesome!

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