Five Steps to Your Perfect Bra

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Your choice of bra has never been more important than this season, with underwear as outerwear a key trend on spring runways. If you want to be comfortable over the warmer summer months and maybe even show off a hint of lingerie in your outfits, here are five simple steps to picking the perfect bra.

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1. Get measured – Many women have never been for a professional bra fitting, and if this is you then it’s time to change that! If you’ve been before but not for a while, don’t hesitate to go again. Your bra size does change over time. Wearing a well-fitting bra can really add to your overall look, especially the shape of your body and your silhouette. The lingerie department in many stores should offer free bra measurements with qualified shop assistants. A well-fitting bra should not rise up at the back and each cup should hold each breast comfortably without an overspill on the top.

2. Suit your size – Depending on the size and shape of your breasts you may find different styles of bra suit the way you look. Bigger breasts will benefit from the extra support of an underwired bra with larger straps, whilst women with smaller breasts may prefer something a little padded for a bit of a boost. If you find that stores don’t seem to stock your size, try shopping online.

3. Suit your lifestyle – What you do whilst wearing your bra is a key part of its suitability. If you have a particularly active lifestyle or job then you might need a firm bra that will hold everything in place no matter what you get up to. If you spend a good portion of your time sitting down, it is essential to have a comfortable bra with no protruding underwires or uncomfortable straps as these could really ruin your day.

4. Suit your look – Underwear as outerwear is a big trend this spring but your bra needs to match your outfit in order for this to work! Experiment with colours and fabrics in store to see what suits you, and think about what clothes you would wear each bra with before making a purchase.

5. Suit the straps – Bra straps are much more flexible these days. First off, having your bra straps on show is no longer a fashion faux pas, so go for it if you have a matching piece of underwear. If you still prefer an invisible strap, you could opt for clear straps or pick a strapless or halterneck bra.

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