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Gatherings such as casual get-together, birthday parties, holiday season, and such are great times to show off your most stylish dressy shirts. Its very important to look as elegant and fashionable at the same time feel comfortable. Although these events are generally relaxed in nature, there are still rules and guidelines to follow to impress people without coming too formal or casual.

White shirts are essential in every woman’s wardrobe as it can be mix and match with anything, can be worn to any event and at any time of the day. White goes with everything, it can look formal enough for a corporate event and casual enough for a regular late night get-together.

Dark colored shirts sets the mood for night-time social gathering. Hues like black, brown, navy, purple, burgundy, and olive are both trendy and classic. For example, a combination of navy and purple give off a cool, metropolitan chic that truly stand out compare to other color. Shirts that look great with colored pants from light grey to charcoal black. For the darker earth tones like olive and brown it goes well with black, brown or khaki pants. It give off a warm friendly appeal that is perfect for a typical house parties.
The Striped Dress Shirt

It is best to be very cautious when picking checks, florals and other patterned shirts to wear. These are the most casual of dress shirts out there and can either go very well if matched with the right bottoms and can go wrong as most of these types have more than 2 colors, one can end up looking like a combination of a colorful mess.

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