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The atmosphere of summer is in full wave, and knowing what clothing is best to wear for this season is essential. Each waking day I can feel the uneasy heat on the air touching my skin and I swear it gets quite uncomfortable and irritating. Oftentimes, the hot air gives me this heavy and sticky feeling like I could literally melt. Summer season limits my choices in terms of clothes, shoes and even accessories to wear. Good thing, there are comfortable dresses, shorts, skirts and even footwear in my closet that can help me feel somewhat comfortable and still be able to portray the style I need.

Comfortable Summer Dressing

Although I have my own preferred summer collection, there are still quite a few clothing and accessories on my bucket list. I need quite a few more leggings, dresses as well as handbags to complete my summer clothing essentials. Finding a store that have well designed products and is still budget friendly can be quite tedious which is why I prefer to stick with the shops I’ve already known for quite a while or are recommended by friends.

I recently came across which offers a wonderful women’s clothing selection. In fact, I even found a few of my must have’s on their site. The design and styling of their product meets my nitpicky standard. In fact, even my friends whom have seen the site agrees that they have products that are worth checking out.

This summer, it is easy to mix and match as colors aren’t much of an issue (vibrant and pastel colors are both in). Some great examples are: Polo shirts which can be paired with short shorts and wedge heels. Another great idea is a simple printed shirt matched with a plain bodycon skirt over flats or open toe heels. My favorite of all time are maxi dresses paired with open strappy sandals and wide bucket bags or floral clutch handbag. Hopefully you find this post interesting and useful at the same time. Let me know what y’all think! xo

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